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Dedication and Integrity

"My parents have moved to a Continuous Care Facility near me and have increasing relied on me to become move involved in their financial decisions. One of the issues that arose recently was an annuity that had matured. The number of investment options, tax implications and beneficiary impacts left them unsure what they should do. Mom and Dad have invested through Mark for many years, have great confidence in his advice and the returns they have earned in a risk free investment have been excellent.

I called Mark for the first time to get his input and what they should do and was very impressed with his willingness to work with me as an adult child of aging parents to help me help them decide what to do. Mark and I decided what we thought was the best option and he flew across country to sit down with us and personally explain the new annuity options. I have never worked with anyone who was more dedicated to serving his clients and willing to do whatever it takes to make them comfortable with their investment decisions. I am grateful for Mark's help in this difficult situation, am impressed with his integrity and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a way to invest in a risk free instrument that has high yield potential."

— Chuck P., Assistant Commissioner, IRS (Retired) - Lewes, Delaware

Investment Security

"My wife and I were tired of the ups and downs of the Stock market. That's when we met Mark, and he showed us a plan that is guaranteed never to lose your original investment. If you want security and the growth of your hard earned money, give Mark Ness a call and let him explain how he can fit a plan that meets your investment needs. We now consider Mark a friend as well as our financial counselor."

— Ron & Margie, Sequim, WA

Planning for Life

"I have known Mark Ness close to 20 years and feel very fortunate to have Mark in my life! My husband and I moved from California to the state of Washington to retire in 1990; after much research trying to find a financial advisor, we were recommended Mark Ness and although Mark lived in Gig Harbor and we in Sequim, Mark immediately came to our house and after long and interesting conversations, it was clear to both my husband and I, we had indeed found a, not only professional but also a financially creative and most importantly, deeply caring person to advise us on our future path to financial freedom during our retirement.

In those days, I totally left investing to my husband who enjoyed ‘playing’ a little in the stock market.  Bill mostly put his faith into mutual funds until we met Mark.  He directed us to a safer alternative - Fixed Annuities, and we were financially comfortable with our investments and our pensions and enjoyed life to it’s fullest.

This all changed on a beautiful Memorial Day in 2001! My husband had a fatal heart attack and life as I knew it, changed in an instant.

I naturally called Mark Ness! My husband had several times assured me, Mark would be there for me if need be and he was, arriving to my home a few days after my husbands passing and together with my only child, we sat for hours and discussed my financial future. I was feeling that it was a rather bleak looking future as I lost much of my husbands pensions. In truth, my accountant had just told me, I should sell my beautiful custom built home and move into a trailer park, words which shattered my confidence for my future.

But Mark, being both very sensitive and very patient, calmly explained to me that I would be fine. He explained the various routes to financial freedom for me, which I  could take. And with my daughter, I made the decisions which today, 10 years after my husband's passing, have made it possible for me to move to beautiful Carlsbad CA, where my daughter and I bought a million dollar ’fixer upper’ home, close to the beach, all made possible with the dedicated and professional help from Mark Ness, I feel he is a friend sent from God to help me in my desperate need, I truly recommend Mark Ness as a very caring and trustworthy financial advisor."

— Karina P., Carlsbad, CA

Timely Advice

"We are thankful for the insight that Mark brought to our dealings. With his expertise and guidance we moved our money from risky mutual funds into a worry-free annuity from Jackson National Life, and we did so just before the recent recession, saving us thousands and making our future a little more secure.

When you talk with him, Mark's experience is clearly evident, and he demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the entire insurance and financial planning industry. Since he works with strong, highly rated companies, he is able to find the best solution for your situation — he certainly did for us. We highly recommend Mark Ness and we will be returning to him in the future as our financial and insurance needs evolve."

— Travis and Danielle, Renton, WA

Ness Insurance and Annuity, LLC - Annuities, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements and Long-Term Care Insurance

Ness Insurance and Annuity, LLC - Annuities, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements and Long-Term Care Insurance

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